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Sustainable Strategies DC (S2) has reviewed President Biden's American Jobs Plan and provides this memorandum outlining the key issues within the proposal most relevant to local governments. ​ 

The S2 team has worked with its clients and local government allies to create specific recommendations on federal policies, resources, and Executive and congressional actions in the four following key areas; economic recovery, local climate action, equity and community resilience, and sustainable infrastructure investments. S2 provides a breakdown of these four key issue areas in the attached TAP Issues Briefing Sheet. 

During a webcast on January 15 at 1:30 pm EST Sustainable Strategies DC in partnership with ICMA provided city, town and county officials the lay of the land as far as presidential priorities, new federal agency leadership, potential policy shifts, and opportunities for local/federal collaboration. The webinar will also share how the 117th Congress will be organized, including its legislative focus, committee chairs, and potential for major action impacting localities (e.g., economic recovery, infrastructure bill, climate change and resilience, appropriations). 

During a webcast on March 24 at 1:00 pm EST Sustainable Strategies DC in partnership with ICMA provided city, town and county officials critical information about the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 as it pertains to their local government needs. This webinar including a breakdown of the $350 billion "Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund," detailed information about other funding in the Act for economic recovery and development, infrastructure, travel and tourism, restaurants, small business relief, transit, health and human services, food security, support for the homeless, and other critical local activities, and a look ahead on more resources that could become available in 2021. 

On Thursday, January 21 at 3pm EST, Sustainable Strategies hosted a webcast on the “Transition Advocacy Project”, a platform and action plan calling for federal investments, policies and programs to support economic revitalization, local climate change efforts, community resilience and wealth building, and sustainable infrastructure investments.  

This memorandum provides a status report on four highly critical pieces of legislation: (1) The Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) congressional appropriations bill to keep the federal government funded past the end of the fiscal year ending on Thursday, September 30; (2) Legislation to raise the U.S. debt ceiling before that limit is reached in October; (3) “Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act” legislation to provide $1.2 trillion in infrastructure spending; and (4) Newly-released House “Build Back Better Act” legislation with $3.5 trillion for a variety of “human infrastructure”, hard infrastructure, jobs, and climate resilience programs.

S2 invites mayors, county commissioners, city councilmembers, city manager, and other local officials from communities around the country participate as “Founding Local Leaders.”

The team at Sustainable Strategies DC has created the "S2 Transition Advocacy Project" to help local governments and public agencies stay informed as we prepare for transition to the Biden/Harris Administration and 117th Congress. In the coming months we will be providing resources for localities including action alerts, guidance materials, webcasts, and more for our local government clients and associates. 

This memorandum provides information relevant to local governments and public agencies on the current state of play on federal legislative priorities, including a potential coronavirus stimulus bill and the FY2021 appropriations bills. This memo also provides a call to action urging you to contact your congressional delegation before Thanksgiving to urge them to move these critical pieces of legislation forward.

Sustainable Strategies DC (S2) has reviewed the bipartisan Senate Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and provides this memorandum, which lists programs that may be of interest to local governments and community clients.

This memorandum provides a summary listing of programs and funding included in the federal “Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act” (Infrastructure Act), which passed the U.S. Senate on a bipartisan 69-30 vote on August 10, and which passed the House on a 228-206 vote on Friday, November 5. We highlight programs that may be of interest to Sustainable Strategies DC’s local government and community clients – and will provide more robust recommendations on how you can pursue these resources as these programs emerge.

Federal Transition ADVOCACY Project 

Sustainable Strategies DC has reviewed the current state of play on federal infrastructure legislation and provides this memorandum outlining the status of these packages. 

Sustainable Strategies DC (S2) has launched a project to track and shape the federal government transition to a Biden/Harris Administration and 117th Congress in support of community revitalization, resilience, and recovery. The attached memo provides an overview of this “Transition Advocacy Project.” 

Sustainable Strategies DC (S2) has reviewed the FY2021 appropriations legislation to provide an overview of changes to federal programs of importance to our local government clients and allies. This memo provides a summary of the legislation as it pertains to local government priorities, followed by more detailed information on programs, broken down into spending categories. 

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