Sustainable Strategies DC is a government affairs & strategic consulting firm helping communities obtain resources for revitalization & key priorities.

In cases in which communities do not yet have a relationship with our firm and we have not yet had shared successes, communities can hire us to produce a “Resource Roadmap." Resource Roadmaps enable communities to identify the short- and long-term opportunities for funding, public-private partnerships, federal and state support, best practices, and other resources to implement community priorities.  The Resource Roadmap approach is tailored to your community's needs and often includes the following:

  • A Matrix of federal, state, philanthropic, and private sector opportunities for funding and other resources.  That matrix will include opportunities for which we believe your community is both eligible and competitive, projections of likely funding ranges, matching requirements, discussion of key strategic approaches to make you successful for those resources, identification of key officials for each resource, deadlines and important preliminary steps, and recommendations on key next actions.
  • A shorter, more concise Funding Agenda that will identify the best and highest priorities for funding, and that can be used to start to build support with funding agencies.
  • An accompanying memorandum on Effective Funding Advocacy Strategies that provides your community with recommendations, approaches and tactics for effective advocacy for the funds identified in the matrix and funding agenda.
  • A PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the materials in the matrix, funding agenda, memo on advocacy strategies, and memo on key support organizations.  This PowerPoint serves as an easily-digestible form of our work for community leaders, task force members, and the public at large who might not want to read all our more detailed memos.  We typically provide these PowerPoints by webcast/conference call to the community, but present it personally upon request.

Does your community have a clear path to its funding goals?
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A "Resource Roadmap" is a a detailed strategic gameplan for identifying and pursuing the resources needed for the community on its priority projects.