Success: Firefighters in Martin County, FL

Client: Martin County, Florida

Project Name: New Firefighters

Description: Martin County will use the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Staffing for Adequate Firefighter and Emergency Response (SAFER) funds to hire additional firefighter/EMT positions. These resources will enhance safety by ensuring that all fire suppression apparatus are staffed with three people. There will also be an increase to the level of service at four fire stations by upgrading the fire engines from basic life support (BLS) to advanced life support (ALS) with the addition of a firefighters and paramedics onboard. The positions will also be used to staff added ambulances at two of the busiest stations that respond to the central corridor within Martin County. 

Funding Awarded:

  • FEMA SAFER Grant - $3.1 million (2018)


Crime concerns hold back the kind of urbanization essential for economic development as people often flee places that fail to provide basic public safety. Safe communities benefit from more than just injury prevention, community safety management and crime prevention. They also help to reduce costs, improve quality of life, decrease duplication across government departments, and change perceptions about a community. Examples of past Sustainable Strategies DC successes in the fields of public safety and criminal justice include:

Success: Combating Drunk Driving in Beaverton, OR

Client: Beaverton, Oregon

Project Name: Beaverton Sobriety Opportunity Beginning Recovery (B-SOBR) program

Description: B-SOBR provides alcoholics and chronic drunk drivers with a choice to enroll in an alternative program, in lieu of jail, to address the root causes of people’s behavior. The grant will help advance the city’s collaborative team approach to increase the community safety impact of the B-SOBR DUII Court program. The grants will assist participants in receiving more treatment with appropriate and effective curriculum; a more sophisticated and higher frequency of sobriety monitoring, housing, employment resources; and better access to mental health care.

Funding Awarded:

  • Oregon Criminal Justice Commission Specialty Court Grant - $288,750 (2015)

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Drug Treatment Courts Grant - $324,750 (2015)

  • Oregon Criminal Justice Commission Treatment Court Grant - $306,000 (2017)

Success: Body-WOrn Camera Pilot Programs

Client: Beaverton, Oregon; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Carlisle, Pennsylvania; Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Ranson, West Virginia; and Stamford, Connecticut

Project Name: Body-Worn Camera Pilot Program

Description: This pilot program is designed to assist local jurisdictions that are interested in exploring and expanding the use of body-worn cameras in order to enhance transparency, accountability and credibility. Grant funds were used to purchase equipment and develop a plan for long-term equipment and data storage. 

Funding Awarded:

  • DOJ Body-Worn Camera Pilot Implementation Grants (2015)

    • Beaverton, OR - $288,750

    • Bridgeport, CT - $261,654

    • Carlisle, PA - $43,500

    • Johnstown, PA - $63,000

    • Ranson, WV - $43,000

    • Stamford, CT - $338,346

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