Sustainable Strategies DC is a government affairs & strategic consulting firm helping communities obtain resources for revitalization & key priorities.

What our Clients Are Saying About US

Steve Williams


City of Huntington, WV

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​​"Sustainable Strategies DC has brought tremendous value to our City and helped us achieve national recognition - earning Huntington the distinctions of "America's Best Community" and a Champion City through the 2018 Bloomberg Mayors Challenge. Their team provided critical guidance to enable Huntington to secure resources and build the momentum necessary to tackle some of our biggest problems, including the devastating opioid epidemic and the renewal and transformation of a struggling blue-collar community."

  • Economic Development Agencies

  • Nonprofit Organizations

"Sustainable Strategies DC has been critical to Dubuque’s revitalization. To date, the Sustainable Strategies DC team has helped the City win more than $50 million in federal funds since 2009. Their knowledge of where and how to secure funding has accelerated our local smart growth, economic development and infrastructure progress."

Roy Buol


City of Dubuque, IA

Sustainable Strategies DC represents a wide range of clients across the public and private sectors. The firm’s work supports diverse communities and organizations throughout the United States to stimulate and foster community revitalization efforts.  To help connect communities with available resources, Sustainable Strategies DC also has strong collaborative relationships with the federal agencies who administer funds to local governments and organizations. 

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